Excellence and passion at your service

Tricol is innovation, dynamism, quality and customer focus. Founded in 2003 in Roseto degli Abruzzi, it is today one of the most exquisite brands in the Made in Italy beauty scene, proudly represented in the numerous international opportunities in which the company, with our products, is proudly protagonist.

Natural products and sustainable commitment

Our products are designed to ensure maximum respect for the nature and characteristics of your hair: thanks to the lower chemical impacts of the market and by virtue of enrichment with natural active ingredients for nourishment of the hair, the whole Tricol range is in able to ensure only the best for the well-being of the hair and the environment. A conscious choice, which confirms our usual commitment to the protection of naturalness and eco-sustainability.

Specific treatments for each type of hair

Tricol has everything you could want for the management of your hair: from reconstruction treatments to nutritious products, from anti-fall solutions to those able to fight dandruff, from care dedicated to the fatter hair to our therapies for those more dry, the Tricol range dedicates to all women specific proposals for every type of hair and need.

A new look, every day

We are happy to help you shape and style your hair with the best range of modeling products on the market. Have fun to volumize, sculpt and create – day after day – a new look, with our proposal of gels, lacquers, mousses, waxes and sprays that awaits only to be discovered!



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