Giorgia Malandra


Tricol hair spray and mousses represent an unmistakable reference point for all women who want to get the best out of everyday styling, modeling strands and tufts in a simple and comfortable way.

With a fixing power variant and the opportunity to be used on any type of hair, they will allow you to make even the most demanding hairstyle!

An easy choice to use, which our customers would not do without: why not give in to the temptation to try our styling products, and find out how fun and creative it is to shape your hair?

Extra strong hair spray

Lacca spray extra forte – 500 ml

Biosky Tricol Professional extra strong spray lotion

Long sealing mousse

Long sealing mousse

Iron Mousse -lunga tenuta Tricol Professional

Ecological hair spray

Ecological hair spray no gas

ecological lacquer Tricol Professional