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Color Cream

X-Perience Multivitamin Color Cream

X-Perience Multivitamin Color Cream is a self-protective coloring cream with multivitamins, whose innovative formulation guarantees the widest protection of the hair structure.

Rich in natural ingredients (Aloe and Creatine) it allows to obtain wonderful cosmetic colors. The exclusive use of active ingredients and high quality pigments guarantees uniform and lasting colors, intense and brilliant reflections, and a total coverage of white hair.

The minimum content of ammonia and its light and pleasant fragrance make the use pleasant, ensuring a homogeneous color, brilliant and silky, in total respect of the hair.

Size: 100 ml 1: 1.5.

X-Perience Oxy Cream: 10, 20, 30, 40 Vol;
Size: 150 ml – 1000 ml.

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X-perience glamour 3D

Glamour – 3D

X-Perience Glamour 3D Colour cream

Thanks to its innovative last generation formula based on high quality natural ingredients, the X-Perience Glamor 3D coloring cream guarantees a brilliant color with intense and surprising reflections.

The product ensures the best coverage of white hair – with lightening up to 2/3 tones – and ensures a sweet and shiny color, respecting the natural balance of the hair and exerting a healing and nourishing action on the cuticle and cell membranes.

The presence of Keratin performs a strong cosmetic action, able to uniform the structure of the hair fiber and guarantee an exceptional shine and brilliance. Furthermore, Keratin guarantees a strong conditioning and reintegrating action of the protein form, thus ensuring an even more exciting coloring, in favor of greater durability.

Size: 100 ml 1: 1.5.

Emulsion Light
Size: 1000 ml – 150 ml.

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