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Ultra Wave


Ultra Wave Permanente Natural, Treatment, Resistent Hair

Ultra Wave by Tricol is a protective permanent with advanced technology, formulated to ensure a natural ripple of the foliage.

The product does not attack the hair thanks to the action exerted by its vitamin complex, and does not make it frizzy by virtue of the capillary fiber conditioning polymers, which maintain a natural, soft and elastic curl.

The action of neutralizing is of utmost importance for the completion of the ripple treatment.

Ultra Wave 0-1-2: 500 ml

Ultra Fix Permanente Neutralizing:  1000 ml

Ultra wawe herb permanent herb- Tricol Professional

Ultra Wawe Herb


Ultra Wawe Herb a modern and innovative permanent treatment that ensures perfect curls and a hair rich in volume and movement. Thanks to its combination of herbal extracts, Aloe, Chamomile and Nettle, moisturizes and prevents damage to the hair nourishing it during treatment avoiding the loss of protein and lipids. The surface of the hair and the inner fiber are protected, leaving the hair soft and hydrated.
100 ml + 100 ml

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